Summer Bliss

Join us for a transcendent evening dedicated to deep relaxation, healing, and luxurious presence.

Our journey begins with a heart-opening cacao ceremony, where we will indulge in the rich, sacred elixir revered for its ability to enhance meditation and connection.

Next, we will ease into a restorative Yoga Nidra session, guiding you through a state of conscious relaxation that promotes deep healing and rejuvenation, allowing you to drift into a space of profound peace and inner calm.

Finally, immerse yourself in a soothing journey of sound. Let the harmonic vibrations of various instruments and songs wash over you, dissolving tension and fostering a sense of complete tranquility.

This 2 hour experience is facilitated by Lara and Doug (Sun Mountain Music) and will leave you feeling deeply nourished, aligned, and present.

Sign up today to reserve your spot! This intimate event is limited to 12 participants.

Once you reserve your spot, you will receive more details regarding what to bring etc.

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Event Dates:

Cacao + Yoga Nidra + Sound Journey


7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Instructed By:

Lara Golan and Doug Ringwald are musicians, songwriters and healing facilitators.